Steel-Hard Skin

Steel-Hard Skin
The wonders of New York City pizza slices were extolled. Luke and Danny weren't in their costumes all the time. They wore street clothes with some style to them, clothes that I could look out of my window and see. Hell, clothes that I wanted. The …
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Moto 360 Sport review: If you haven't bought it yet, you're better off waiting
Using the Moto 360 Sport outdoors is a dream. New York City hasn't been getting a whole lot of sunny days, but when it is bright out, the display is easy to read without manual adjustment. It's also not too glaring – I find most smartphones' default …
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Royals Sign Dayton Moore and Ned Yost
The Kansas City Royals signed General Manager Dayton Moore and Manager Ned Yost to contract extensions, ensuring that the leadership of the World Series champions would remain intact. Yost, 61, entering the final year of his contract, signed on for two …
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